The Relics

Well, this was a long time ago. We had a lot of fun, made a lot of good music.
Now, all we have is some tapes, CDs, and pictures to show to our kids and friends!

Well here is my tip of the hat to some of the greatest guys I've ever made music with...

The Relics

From left to right... Brad (Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar),
Matt (Drums), Doug (Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar), and Me (Bass)."

Now for the music...

Our first recording... This was never meant for public consumption.
This was just a rough "do-it-yourself" recording.

Side one is all original music and side two is all cover tunes.

Side 1:
Voice That Speaks (Listen)
Cripple Bird (Listen)
Little Penelope (Listen)
Day By Day (Listen)
So The Story Goes (Listen)
Baby Strange Love (Listen)
Promise Numbs Me (Listen)
Black And White (Listen)
Fool To Believe (Listen)
Attractive Reluctance (Sorry, not available!)
Side 2:
Before You Accuse Me (Listen)
Blister In The Sun (Listen)
Rain (Listen)
Stepping Stone (Listen)
Brain Damage (Listen)
Hey Hey, My My (Listen)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Listen)
Long Time Gone (Listen)

Here is our first "real" studio recording...

Destination Heartbreak (Listen)
Fool To Believe (Listen)
Cripple Bird (Listen)
Little Penelope (Listen)
Day By Day (Listen)
Voice That Speaks (Listen)

I think we came out of this studio trip with a pretty decent album.

Destination Heartbreak (Listen)
Another You(Listen)
Broken Highway(Listen)
Someone To Blame(Listen)
Blind Emotion(Listen)
Southeasten Skies(Listen)
Little Penelope(Listen)
Leave It Alone(Listen)
Fool To Believe(Listen)
Baby Strange Love(Listen)
I Want You(Listen)